David Kinnaman to Speak at Aspen’s 2016 Alignment Conference

Barna’s partner, the Cornerstone Knowledge Network (CKN), is committed to developing and disseminating meaningful knowledge at the intersection of facilities, ministry, leadership and culture. In 2014, Barna and CKN turned their attention to the ways in which Millennials perceive worship and community spaces, and how the next generation of Christian adults approach form and function. The result was Making Space for Millennials, a landmark study of the next generation and the sacred spaces they inhabit.

Barna and CKN are working together again to examine the role of church plants and multisite churches in reaching new people for Christ and helping them grow in their faith. Though there is a wealth of information currently available about multisite churches, there is very little about the implications of multiplication on facilities. The new research seeks to answer the questions:

  • What types of facilities are churches opting for at different stages of their life cycle (e.g. renting, buying, building)?
  • What is the impact of facility choices on culture, leadership, and ministry?
  • What models are emerging now that the multisite movement is more than 30 years old?
  • How are churches tackling branding and identity for multisites and church plants?
  • What are the financial impacts of launching and sustaining multiple locations?
  • What are the leadership and ministry challenges and opportunities in having multiple locations?

At Aspen’s 2016 ALIGNMENT CONFERENCE, Barna President David Kinnaman will appear on the main stage to reveal the findings from the forthcoming CKN/Barna study on multiplication. The conference is scheduled for October 18, 2016 at Community Christian Church in Naperville, IL.



David Kinnaman


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