George Barna to Serve as Special Analyst for 2016 Election

Barna Group is pleased to announce that founder and former President George Barna will be serving as special analyst for the 2016 election polling, providing commentary and analysis on the race right up to election day in November. 

George Barna sold Barna Group in 2009 to David Kinnaman, the current owner and president. He continues to be an ambassador for the firm he founded in 1984.

George Barna has filled executive roles in politics, marketing, research and ministry, and currently serves as the Executive Director of the American Culture and Faith Institute (a division of United in Purpose), and is President of Metaformation, a faith development organization. He has written more than 50 books, mostly addressing cultural trends, leadership, spiritual development, and church dynamics. They include New York Times bestsellers and several award-winning books. He is one of the nation’s most influential Christian leaders, and we're looking forward to his special analysis for the 2016 election.

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Barna Group


Explaining Evangelicals’ Apathy Thus Far

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George Barna sat down with Glenn Beck to discuss Barna's latest political research which found that evangelicals are the least likely group to pay attention to the 2016 campaign.


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David Kinnaman


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Like work itself, I believe ambition was placed into humanity at creation and that it is an innately good part of what it means to be human. However, ambition also has a shadow side. How can we embrace the good of ambition, without letting it get the best of us?