What Are You Giving Up For Lent?

You might be wondering why you keep seeing people walking around with ash smudged on their foreheads today. Well, that's because it's Ash Wednesday, a day that inaugurates Lent: 40 days of fasting in remembrance of the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness resisting the temptations of Satan. Today, millions of people celebrate by giving up certain foods or activities. In 2014, Barna asked believers what they planned to fast for Lent, and the results were interesting. 

Among those who planed to celebrate Lent, the most common abstentions included food or drink, such as chocolate (30%), meat (28%), sugar (28%), soda drinks (26%), alcohol (24%), fruit (14%) and butter or cream (11%). Although less common, many Americans who fast for Lent are planning to abstain from technology or entertainment. This includes curtailing use of social networks (16%), smartphones (13%), television (11%), video games (10%), movies (9%) and the Internet (9%). Activities that were mentioned by fewer than 2% of respondents include sex, smoking and swearing.

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