David Kinnaman to Speak at Exponential East

Barna president David Kinnaman will be speaking today at Exponential East on Barna's new study in partnership with Thrivent Financial: Church Startups & Money. Here are the details:

PRE-CONFERENCE: The Realities and Myths of Church Planting and Money - hosted by Thrivent
It's no secret that church planters face unique financial realities on both a church and personal level. Join David Kinnaman as he shares insights surfaced through a new multiphase study conducted by the Barna Group around the financial realities of church planting. We'll examine surprising findings and data-driven implications and solutions. Learn to facilitate healthy dialog and spark fresh thinking around the financial opportunities and obstacles often faced when planting or growing a church community.
Day / Time: Tuesday, 8:00-11:30am
LocationWorship Center - WC 132/134

Workshop Session 1: Good Faith
Many in today's society think Christianity is irrelevant and extreme. How will Christians respond? In a culture plagued by contentious issues such as race relations, sexuality, and politics, many Christians are overwhelmed as they try to faithfully live their convictions while treating those who disagree with respect and compassion. Based on David's latest book, Good Faith (March 2016, written with unChristian co-author, Gabe Lyons), this talk explores how the Christian community can be a counterculture for the common good in an increasingly hostile society. Learn about current trends creating obstacles and opportunities to proclaim the gospel. Discover the new moral code shaping the broader culture and seducing the Christian community. And find out ways Christians can offer loving, life-giving friendships to others through difficult conversations.
Time: Tuesday, 2:30-3:30pm
Location: Faith Hall - FH 301C

For a limited time, readers can purchase a digital copy of Church Startups & Money for 30% off until May 10, 2016 using the promo code: "CHURCHPLANT30" in the store.



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