Faith by City, Faith by State

Resources in Cities & States • March 1, 2015

Barna Group is pleased to announce a set of new reports, Cities 2015 and States 2015. The following is a brief interview with David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group, about how these powerful new reports can be put to use for your organization.

Q - What was the idea behind producing the new reports, Cities and States?

David Kinnaman - Everyone is curious about how their city or region is unique. For marketers and ministry leaders, there is a great deal of interest about how faith, religion and spirituality differ from city to city and from state to state. Since Barna Group has a robust database on faith, we wanted to provide decision-makers with a way to access that information. This data is now available in two companion reports -- one focusing on cities (or markets) and one on the nation's 48 lower states.

Q - What do you mean by market? And how many markets are included?

DK - In this case, we are referring to a media market -- each market region is defined based upon what local television they receive. The report includes 117 markets, the largest 117 markets in the U.S.

Q - How do you get the data?

DK - Every year, we interview thousands of people nationwide through random, representative polling. We used our most recent interviews and sliced them into the various markets and states in which respondents live. This database is about 62,000 interviews. With this, we can create a substantial faith profile of 117 markets and 48 states.

Q - Who are these reports designed for?

DK - It is really crafted for organizational leaders who have responsibility for a national, regional, or city-oriented audience or constituency. Leaders in media, ministry, marketing, television, magazines, publishing, non-profit, and advocacy have accessed these products and we have been thrilled to hear the response already -- these leaders are excited about the usefulness of the reports.

Q - How do I get a report for my city or state?

DK - You can go here to select your City or your State.

Q - How do I get the nationwide reports?

DK - You can call us at 805-639-0000 or email us at research[at]



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