Transforming Scotland - Book

Resources in Faith & Christianity • March 27, 2015

Church and Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture

Church attendance in Scotland is at an all-time low. Like much of the West, the historically Christian nation is rapidly secularizing and losing its identity as “Christian.”

Yet new data from Barna Group point to vibrant signs of spiritual life and measurable growth among Scots and Scottish churches. What is happening?

Transforming Scotland is the first study of its kind: a multi-phase research project designed to create a national profile of a rapidly secularizing country. This report is the culmination of a yearlong effort to discover the current state of the Christian faith in Scotland and to identify the kinds of ministry approaches that are transforming people, families and communities with the gospel.

In this Barna case study you will find:

  • Analysis of best practices among churches that are experiencing growth against the broader trend of secularization
  • Statistics on Christian belief and practice among Scottish adults ages 18 and older, including data visualizations and infographics
  • An overview of religious trends, generational differences and perceptions of the Christian church
  • Insights from Christian leaders on ministry in Scotland
  • Strategic imperatives for transformative mission and ministry in Scotland and beyond

Transforming Scotland can help you understand how to do ministry and be the church in your own post-Christian context.

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