Becoming Home (FRAMES) - Book

Resources in Family & Kids • September 1, 2014

God's Call to Care for the Orphan is for All of Us.

Caring for orphans makes grace touchable. When Christians choose to adopt, foster, mentor, or support care for orphans around the globe, it reveals God's true character to the world like nothing else we can do. Becoming Home unpacks specific steps everyone can take to help.

Some of these steps are "big" choices like fostering or adopting; some are simpler choices like supporting work abroad or mentoring a foster youth. But all are ways we can practically show love to the orphan—not because of a sense of duty, guilt or even idealism, but because we’ve first been loved by God.

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The 10th FRAME: Barna Group Announces Finalists

November 19, 2013 • Culture & Media

As one of the nation’s leading research firms at the intersection of faith and culture, Barna Group conducts about 30,000 surveys every year. We’ve taken that trend-watching knowledge and turned it into a new series of mini-books called FRAMES.