State of Discipleship - Book

Resources in Leaders & Pastors • May 15, 2015

A Barna Report Produced in Partnership with The Navigators

What is the current state of discipleship in the U.S. Church? How is it defined and understood? What are the hallmarks of transformative discipleship, and how do we measure its outcomes? What resources and models are necessary for effective discipleship in the 21st century?

With these questions in mind, The Navigators commissioned Barna Group to design a comprehensive, multi-phase study of U.S. churches, leaders and Christian adults. The State of Discipleship is the culmination of Barna’s research and analysis.

In this report you will find:

  • Statistics on discipleship activities, methods and outcomes, including charts, graphs and other data visualizations
  • An examination of various terms, definitions and objectives related to discipleship and of the impact of these preferences on effectiveness
  • Insights from leaders whose churches exemplify excellence in discipleship
  • Assessment of The Navigators’ brand, methods and resources within the broader ecosystem of U.S. discipleship efforts
  • Implications and recommendations based on the research for educators, pastors, leaders and other discipleship practitioners

Making disciples is an imperative delivered by Jesus in the Great Commission. The State of Discipleship evaluates how effectively the U.S. Church is carrying out that command and where there is need for better models or mindsets—or both.

Available in print and digital editions here


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