Next Gen Pack - Books

Resources in Millennials & Generations • January 15, 2015

Engage the Next Generation

The Next Gen Pack includes four resources specifically designed to help you reach the next generation:

Ministry in America may never have been more confusing and complex - or have more opportunities. To connect young people to Jesus, we have to understand what they think and why. Immerse yourself in the mindset of the next generation, understanding their skepticism and their experiences, as well as their points of spiritual openness.

You Lost Me
Discover why so many Millennials (18-29 years old) are disengaging from the faith community. This book will renew your hope for how God is at work in the next generation of teens and young adults, and reveal how you can join in.

You Lost Me DVD
This powerful tool will facilitate intergenerational conversations while generating understanding and honest communication about spirituality. The You Lost Me DVD set includes 6 sessions filled with candid interviews and insights from author ofYou Lost Me David Kinnaman.

You Lost Me DVD Discussion Guide
An accompanying material to the You Lost Me DVD that will empower meaningful conversations.

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