Influences on Which Candidate Voters Choose

Most adults believe they are unswayed by media and advertising when it comes to supporting a presidential candidate. So how do Americans make their voting decisions? A national survey of registered voters conducted by Barna reveals the various influences on vote-casting.

Porn in the Digital Age: New Research Reveals 10 Trends

The digital age has made porn more ubiquitous and accessible than ever before. In a landmark study, Barna Group interviewed American teens, young adults and older adults about their views on and use of pornography, and here are ten of the most compelling findings.

Many Americans Say Bible Is Key to Better Politics

The presidential race this year has been less than civil, but according to American Bible Society’s annual “State of the Bible” survey powered by Barna, most Americans believe politicians and their discourse would vastly improve if they engaged in regular Bible reading.

Evangelicals Least Likely to Pay Close Attention to 2016 Campaign

Although evangelicals are the religious segment most likely to characterize the outcome of this year’s presidential election as “extremely important to the future of the United States," Barna's research finds they are the group least engaged thus far with the presidential race.

America’s Faith Segments Are Divided on Presidential Race

Faith has become a focal point of the 2016 presidential election, but how are people from different faith groups in the US responding to the race? According to Barna’s data, each group holds substantially different attitudes and candidate preferences.

Teens & Young Adults Use Porn More Than Anyone Else

Young Americans are coming of age in an increasingly “pornified” popular culture, and its effects are telling. Barna's new research uncovers the cavalier attitude among teens and young adults when it comes to viewing and talking about pornography.

Barna: This Week

#FaithForExiles features more than a decade’s worth of Barna research with nearly 100,000 teens, young adults, pare……

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Check out David Kinnaman's interview with Church Leaders as he shares what you need to know about living in Digital Babylon. #FaithForExiles

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You lost me grey

Reconnect Christianity with Teens and Young Adults

Discover why so many are disengaging from the faith community and renew your hope for how God is at work in the next generation

More than half of congregants who had more negative experiences during pastoral leadership transitions (53%) say th……

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Hear more about the #FaithForTheFuture webcast and this special message from David Kinnaman and Christine Caine. Sign up today to join us on September 10.

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