Millennials and the Bible: 3 Surprising Insights

How has the turn away from religion affected Millennials' views of the bible?

Q&A with Tim Chaddick: Ministering to Millennials About Sex

Millennials have new questions to wrestle with as they navigate sex, dating and marriage in a digital, anything-goes, hook-up culture. As part of 2014 Barna Labs—a multi-month online learning experience—Barna hosted Tim Chaddick for an in-depth, practical conversation on ministering to Millennials through the minefield of sexuality.

5 Ways to Connect with Millennials

We want to help you learn more about the next generation in order to maximize your efforts to spiritually engage them. Over years of research, one thing remains clear: the relationship between Millennials and the church is shifting. Although this list isn't exhaustive, here are five major themes we've identified from our research.

20 and Something (FRAMES) - Book

Your Quarter-life Doesn't Have to be a Crisis

Millennials: Big Career Goals, Limited Job Prospects

Barna Group's FRAMES research reveals Millennials' perspectives on the challenges they face as they join America's workforce. David H. Kim, executive director of the Center for Faith and Work in New York City, offers insight for institutions like churches and businesses on how to understand and relate to twentysomethings as they emerge into adulthood.

Christian Views on Alcohol

Here, we talk with Brett McCracken, author of Gray Matters: Navigating the Space Between Legalism and Liberty, about a biblical view of alcohol, how different generations approach drinking and why all of this matters for the expansion of the Gospel in the world.

Barna: This Week

As representatives of the whole gospel, Christians have an opportunity to be not only messengers of truth but also……

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As representatives of the whole gospel, Christians have an opportunity to be not only messengers of truth but also ministers of mercy, in their homes, workplaces, churches and communities. Learn more about The Mercy Journey today.

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Reconnect Christianity with Teens and Young Adults

Discover why so many are disengaging from the faith community and renew your hope for how God is at work in the next generation

A majority of practicing Christians (76%) believes they have offered unconditional, joyful forgiveness to another p……

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Infographic: Strengths beyond the workplace, by generation.

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