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David Kinnaman

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Speaking Topics

Good Faith

Many in today's society think Christianity is irrelevant and extreme. How will Christians respond? In a culture plagued by contentious issues such as race relations, sexuality, and politics, many Christians are overwhelmed as they try to faithfully live their convictions while treating those who disagree with respect and compassion. Based on David's latest book, Good Faith (March 2016, written with unChristian co-author, Gabe Lyons), this talk explores how the Christian community can be a counterculture for the common good in an increasingly hostile society. Learn about current trends creating obstacles and opportunities to proclaim the gospel. Discover the new moral code shaping the broader culture and seducing the Christian community. And find out ways Christians can offer loving, life-giving friendships to others through difficult conversations.

You Lost Me

Twentysomethings are a “lost” generation, as their spiritual journeys often lead them away from church involvement and out into the wider world. Learn about the ways in which young people quit the church, how long they stay away, and what are their reasons for leaving. More importantly, discover some of the things that a generation of nomads, skeptics and exiles are teaching the Christian community.

Next Faith: Trends Shaping the Future

This presentation examines the key spiritual, cultural and generational trends that are influencing the way in which Christ followers live and work. Put yourself in the future; then learn what you need to do now to prepare yourself and your organization to be effective in the future.

UnChristian Generation

Christianity has an image problem. Young people in America today say that Christianity has lost its heartbeat; it has lost its mission to serve those outside the church. The people and perspectives are described as unChristian, no longer like Jesus intended. This talk would examine the nature of the “image” problem, how Christians have contributed to the negative perceptions, and how a growing hostility toward Christianity is going to change the way in which we do ministry as churches and Christian organizations.

Vocational Discipleship

One of the pieces that are missing in much of our understanding of church is a sense of calling, of vocation. This talk defines vocation, explores its roots and examines both the myths and realities of Americans’ work, How can Christians see their work as vocation? How does this help? How can we “vocationally disciple” the next generation of Christians? Learn one of the areas of hope and a key to unlocking long-term transformation in people’s lives and communities through the lost art of vocation.

The Bible in America

The amount of access to the Bible in American homes is astounding, which makes Americans’ limited knowledge and use of the Holy Book so surprising. This talk explores the changing attitudes and usage patterns related to the Bible and examines some of the keys that may unlock the Scriptures for future generations.